Australian Shepherd becomes the funniest alarm clock


Australian Shepherd becomes the funniest alarm clock

Don’t you hate when Monday comes, and it is time to go back to work early in the morning, again? Saying your sweet goodbyes to your bed becomes a little harder on a Monday morning. The worst part is crawling into bed on Sunday and realizing you have to set up your alarm for work. You plan to wake up for that alarm, but of course, the dreaded snooze button always comes in handy. With the press of a button, you could be 10 minutes late to work.

Still, we continue to press our snooze buttons. In this case, it is the dog version of a snooze button. In this hilarious video, we see a dog who refuses to let his owner fall asleep. Throughout the video, he uses all of his efforts to keep his human awake, and we admire his determination.

Australian Shepherd becomes the funniest alarm clock

While he may seem like he’s just bothering his owner, sweet Nova is only trying to wake his human up. He speaks to his human, “Wake up, wake up, wake up, it is time to get up! Hello, are you awake yet?” He cares for his owner by making sure they are never late to work. After all, somebody has to make money to buy the dog treats, right? Nova is absolutely adorable!

Australian Shepherd becomes the funniest alarm clock

As parents, we try to do the best for our children, and with dogs, it is no different. Dog owners go to all extents to ensure their furry friend can live the best, happiest life possible. Lucky for us, dogs have big hearts and recognize all we do for them. Dogs do all they can to try and return the favor. This can range from snuggles to bringing you surprises they find in the yard. In this dog’s case, it is being your wake up call every morning.

Australian Shepherds, Aussies for short, are a breed that developed from ranches in the Western United States. Aussies make wonderful family dogs because they love people, affection, and being active. What more could you want from a dog? The only problem with them is they bark a lot, and I mean a lot. This gives an explanation behind Nova’s loud “alarm.”

We love Aussies, and we sure do love Nova! Share if you think Nova’s wake up call is adorable like we do!


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Australian Shepherd becomes the funniest alarm clock