Lucky the dog has a love for eating tacos


Lucky the dog has a love for eating tacos

Not all animals have an easy life. Some endure pain and abuse. Unfortunately, Lucky, a Pit Bull, spent most of his life abused and abandoned. While in his worst times he lived alone in an abandoned home. When he tried to find his way out, he was shot by an awful human. Since Lucky is a fighter, he survived. But little did he know the outcome his life was going to have.

The Great Plains Society decided to step in when Lucky needed the most help. So they took him in, hoping they could save his shattered life. Little did they know they would do much more for the sweet Pit Bull. Later the rescue found him a home in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with the Rudman family.

Lucky the dog has a love for eating tacos

Lucky the dog has a love for eating tacos

Currently, Lucky lives with his new family. Everything seems to be going extremely well for the once broken dog. Since his adoption, Lucky has acquired a new claim to fame. Every Tuesday is now Taco Tuesday for Lucky and his family.

Ever since being adopted, his family decided to give him some pretty delicious treats on Tuesdays. Along with eating Tacos, they post pictures of the weekly event on Facebook and Instagram. Apparently, the internet loves watching Lucky enjoy Taco Tuesday just as much as he likes eating it. Gina Rudman, his mother, comments,

“It’s crazy, and people live for it. They love watching him eat his tacos, and he loves to crunch the shells. Crunch, crunch, crunch the shells and so, it’s pretty funny.”

She adds, “I just want to make his life so much better than what it was before. We think we’re doing that. I think he’s a pretty happy guy.”

Please watch the video below if you want to see him chow down on some pretty scrumptious tacos.

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Lucky the dog has a love for eating tacos